You are going on your first or second date with your Bagel. You want to get her/him something nice, but you’re hesitant and unsure of what to get. You don’t want to come off too strong or seem like you’re trying too hard.

Well, we’ve found the perfect solution for you, just in time for Spring- Flowers! 

Yeah, yeah, I know you’re probably thinking well, that’s nothing new, everyone buys flowers for their date. But, what we found aren’t just any flowers, they’re the perfect flowers to impress your Bagel without overwhelming her/him.


We spoke with two professional florists: Holly Heider, owner of Chapple Flowers, whose designs have been published in Martha Stewart, Washingtonian, and InTouch; Natalie Bowen, owner of Natalie Bowen Designs and very popular designer for the San Francisco Bay Area. 

They gave us the inside scoop on what flowers both men and women really love and why.image

Cabbage Rose: 

Holly loves the Cabbage rose! “They’re twice the size of a regular rose and considerably more fragrant.”

These flowers are beautiful, simpler than a regular rose, but still has a great meaning - all in all, perfect for your first date. Holly says that giving a single rose is considered an expression of gratitude & appreciation!  



Natalie’s expert recommendation for a first or second date is the beautiful flower Rannunculus.


"Ranunculus are beautiful and not risky; most people will love them," says Natalie. They are known to represent radiant charm. 

Both Cabbage Rose and the Ranunculus come in a variety of colors so you can get them in your Bagel’s favorite color.

Now go and impress your Bagel.

Thanks Natalie and Holly for your great tips!

Follow them on twitter and check out some of their beautiful designs @chappleflowers @nataliebdesigns

All you Bagels in Los Angeles, Listen Up!


We teamed up with Sidecar to get you Bagels rolling for your dates!

Sidecar is a new ridesharing app that is one of a kind! Sidecar allows people in LA to find drivers in the city willing to give them a ride! 

If you find a bagel between March 20th to March 29th, we will give you $25 dollars worth of sidecar credit! So don’t you worry about gas or even having a car, because Sidecar will bring you and your bagel around town!


We just launched in LA, Chicago and DC! Now you can have your surfer girls, your politicians, and your deep-dish pizza with Coffee Meets Bagel!

As a recap, Coffee Meets Bagel is touring all over San Francisco to find the best food trucks in order to get you Bagels excited for a new date idea! 

Continuing our fantastic journey through the world of San Francisco Food Trucks, Coffee Meets Bagel ventured out to Curry Up Now; a food truck that shares all the wonderful spices and flavors of Indian street food to the people of the Bay Area. 


Name: Curry Up Now

Cuisine: Indian


659 Valencia St., San Francisco

321 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto

129 South B St., San Mateo

Background: Inspired by the foods he grew up eating on the streets of India, Akash Kapoor, started Curry Up Now in 2006. His menu is inspired by the vibrant flavors from various regions of India including Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, Chowpatty and Mumbai. Curry Up Now has launched into a successful company ranging from a selection of trucks and most recently, restaurants!


We decided to try out the newly opened restaurant, located on 659 Valencia Street. It has all the same cuisine as the food trucks but in a more hip and relaxed atmosphere. It was really sleek and modern with plenty of seating and an extensive menu. The menu was a piece of artwork, showcasing all the unique dishes Curry Up Now has to offer! And no fret, if you’re vegan or gluten-free, Curry Up Now definitely has something for you!


The menu was so enticing that we couldn’t help but order a feast! 

1. Sexy Fries with Paneer ($6): The orange dish to the left are the “sexy fries” consisting of criss-cut sweet potato fries topped with cheese and onions and your choice of protein. We, here at Coffee Meets Bagel, are always up for trying something new, so we went ahead and chose the paneer. Paneer is a popular type of cheese originating from the regions of India. The sexy fries were absolutely wonderful; it was a sweet and creamy dish that just melted in your mouth! 

2. The Naughty Naan ($9): Rotating clock-wise, we reach the naughty naan, a fun take on India’s famous Naan bread. They call it an “open-faced” sandwich topped with tikka masala, cheese, greens, onions and some shaved jalapeno for an extra kick. This was our favorite dish out of the three. It was crispy and flavorful due to the sweet tikka masala sauce that smothered the bread. The jalapenos made it slightly spicy but the fresh greens balanced out the heat. 

3. Deconstructed Samosa ($7): The last dish was the deconstructed samosa. A samosa is an Indian pastry that includes some type of savory filling. This particular dish is a “deconstructed samosa” where the pastry is on the bottom and filled with garbanzo beans, pico & chutneys. To make it even better, the dish was topped with cute little samosas on the side! Akash told us this is his favorite dish on the menu. It’s no wonder why, the textures were amazing! We loved the crunch from the garbanzo beans and the nice flaky pastry at the bottom. 

4. Mango Lassi ($3): Don’t forget to order their mango lassi! This is a famous drink from India, it’s basically a frothy mango beverage that is both sweet and refreshing.


Don’t forget to tip ‘em!

Make sure to check out the Curry Up Now website to look up their food truck schedule. They serve up all over the bay area, even reaching out to Stanford in Palo Alto! 

Or for your convenience, just follow them on Twitter! @CurryUpNow

Thanks Akash and the rest of the staff at Curry Up Now for fulfilling our Indian Street Food Craving! 

For the month of March the Coffee Meets Bagel team in San Francisco will visit a food truck for each week to get you Bagels excited for some unique date ideas. For all you young professionals on-the-go, food trucks are a fun and easy way to indulge in a nice lunch. On top of that, it is also a unique way to spend your first date with your Bagel of the day! So, here’s our first stop:


Name: Señor Sisig

Cuisine: Filipino/Mexican

Background: Friends since high school, Evan Kidero and Gil Payumo started Señor Sisig, a Filipino-Mexican fusion food launched in 2010. These lovely fellas combined their entrepreneurial skills and passion for food to create a successful company spreading both the flavors of the Philippines and Mexico into the main stream culinary world. 


What does “Sisig” mean, you ask?

Sisig is a filipino term for “snacking on something sour.” This is a reference to the unique taste palette of traditional filipino food that heavily relies on salt and vinegar for their staple dishes. Make sure to say hello to Evan and Gil for us when you stop by! 


Food: Sisig Nachos 


Description: This consisted of our choice of meat (pork), topped with nacho cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and jalapenos. This dish was a perfect mix of salty and spicy due to that perfectly marinated pork and all that cheese. Make sure you take plenty of napkins, this is a messy one! 


Food: California Sisig Burrito

Price: $8

Description: This is the most popular item on the menu, including shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa and french fries. Our favorite part of the burrito were definitely the french fries; it added a nice crispy texture to the burrito. Again, it had a great salty/spicy combination that was balanced out with the guacamole. This would be a much better order for a date, as it is much easier to snack on than the nachos.


Look at us enjoying ourselves in the office! Thanks Señor Sisig for feeding us on this fine day!

Make sure to check out the Señor Sisig website for their truck schedule.

Or better yet, follow them on @senorsisig!